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From sand sculpting exhibitions to headlining entertainment at Three Rivers Casino Resort, Florence stays lively with fairs, festivals and performing arts. Catch current block busters or cult classics at an atmospheric movie theater or drop into a local art gallery during an artist reception.

Seasonally, Historic Old Town Florence hosts outdoor markets and events along the boardwalk. Year-round the Florence Events Center is a hub for art shows, craft fairs and celebrations. And for over a century, Florence has been crowning their “Queen Rhododendra” at their annual Rhododendron Festival honoring this prolific and beautiful bloom.

Click the link below to see the many events that occur in Florence throughout the year, and to view the official ‘Events’ calendar.


Florence Winter Festival Event Happening In January!

The Florence Winter Festival Event is happening January 12 – 14th. This year’s headline performance features Al Stewart of ‘Year of the Cat’ fame. Consider booking the Cottage (less than a 10 minute drive from this popular event) and enjoy all the Oregon Coast has to offer in Winter! More info’ on the Festival here: https://florencechamber.com/event/winter-music-festival/

Warm December Days Forecasted – A Perfect Time To Visit Heceta Beach!

Heceta Beach Vacation Cottage Has A Few Vacancies For December!

You can read about the predicted weather patterns below via Oregon Coast Beach Connections. Enjoy a few days on the beautiful Oregon Coast in our beautifully and thoughtfully appointed 3 Story Vacation Cottage that’s just 300 feet from Heceta Beach!

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Published 12/07/2017 at 6:25 PM PDT
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff

Sunny and Mostly Windless, Warm Oregon Coast - Maybe Ten Days

(Oregon Coast) – If you don’t like the Oregon coast all sunny, windless and warm, then the next ten days or more aren’t for you. In fact, if you don’t like the beaches warmer and less windy than the valley, then you should stay home.

The Oregon coast has been nearly cloudless and bathing in bright sunshine for the last few days, and it’s been described as “windless” at times. That looks to continue, according to the National Weather Service (NWS) for perhaps as long as another ten days. The NWS said while none of this is certain, there’s a decent to really good chance these sunny days will stick around.

The beach towns are predicted to be sizably warmer than the inland valley towns. While places like Portland will have 40s for daytime highs and windy conditions, the coast will stick to mid-50s to close to 60. Add the lack of wind and the way the ocean reflects the sun back, and you’re looking at beaches even warmer than the burghs just 100 yards away.

Don’t be surprised to find the water’s edge feeling close to 70 degrees at times. However, the central Oregon coast will have a little more wind than up north, at around 10 mph to 14 mph at times.

Some are even calling this a drought, though it’s a decidedly pleasant one.

“A strong ridge of high pressure over the much of the western U.S. will continue to bring a fairly benign weather pattern to the region for the next several days,” the NWS said. “Sunday night through Thursday, an extended period of dry weather will continue into next week, as the ridge of high pressure over the area remains.”

The NWS forecasts seem rather repetitious for the Oregon coast right now: every day’s forecast says about the same thing. Sunny with highs around 55 to 57 through the weekend, and winds about 6 mph are all you see. By next Wednesday the highs drop a little, closer to 51.

Waves will be nothing to write home about, making for excellent and safe beachcombing weather. There are still lots of interesting objects lying around since recent storms and some erosion – making for better agate finds. What is notable, however, is that there will be light winds from the west and from the east, which often makes for great surfing. See full Oregon Coast Weather.

Now You Can Rent All Three Stories of the Cottage!

Heceta Beach Vacation Cottage has expanded it’s offerings. 3 different cottage configurations are now available for short term rental, and we only rent to ONE group or guest at a time, ensuring your privacy and exclusive use of the many indoor / outdoor amenities offered on this 1/3rd acre beach property. Enjoy expansive ocean views from the 3rd floor loft – perfect for storm and whale watching – we even provide the binoculars! Guests wanting to book directly with the owner to save on service fees may now do so via our new booking website. Learn more about our expanded offerings by visiting us at https://hecetabeachvacationcottage.com. Hope to see you soon!

-Rebecca, Owner / Host


cottage dining room

Heceta Beach Vacation Cottage Featured In Oregon Coast Beach Connection!

Heceta Beach Vacation Cottage (aka Sapphire Sands Vacation Suite) Has EXPANDED and Is Currently Being Featured In Oregon Coast Beach Connection!

(And you can now book DIRECTLY with Rebecca, the Owner / Host. If you prefer to book via Airbnb, ask Rebecca about the $40.00 Airbnb travel credit Rebecca can provide to apply to your stay).

Oregon Coast Lodging Latest: Glamping, New Spa and Vacation Rentals

Published 08/26/2017 at 5:23 PM PDT
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff


Already making a big splash on the central Oregon coast near Florence is a new vacation rental lodging called Heceta Beach Vacation Cottage, which was until very recently simply called Sapphire Sands Vacation Suite. After opening in June, already owner Rebecca Mandeville has expanded. Sapphire Sands opened to rave reviews, even as a tiny bit of luxury a couple hundred feet from the beach. But it just got bigger.

Now, Mandeville has changed the overall name to Heceta Beach Vacation Cottage to encompass two new rental additions: Storm Watchers Beach House and the Happy Tails Family Cottage.

Sapphire Sands still sleeps two. Storm Watchers can host up to seven guests, while Happy Tails is dog friendly and sleeps two to four. (Get it? Happy Tails?)

At the northern end of Florence, above Heceta Beach.  Website here.


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This is what happens to your brain when you truly unplug on vacation

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Most us have heard about the supposed benefits of “unplugging” on vacation. Ever since email and electronic devices began virtually tying workers to the office even during their time off, countless studies and articles have been published urging people to actually power off when on holiday.

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But what actually happens to your brain when you power down your phone and forget about your inbox?

Studies have shown that people engage in deeper, more meaningful conversations in the absence of mobile devices. Even when people aren’t actively checking them, the mere awareness that their smartphone is turned on and close by leads to distracted, lower-quality interactions, the evidence suggests.

That’s because if you’re even wondering about what might be happening on your phone – even if you don’t look – your brain is multi-tasking. The reason why we have better conversations when the phone is turned off is that we are most efficient when we are focused on one thing at a time, according to Dr. Shimi Kang, a Vancouver-based psychiatrist and frequent speaker on the subject of workplace and mental health.

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“Devoting your full attention to something is like meditation,” she added. This, in turn, activates your prefrontal cortex.

Three main things happen to a brain in a meditative state, according to Dr. Rebecca Gladding, a Hawaii-based psychiatrist.

First, there’s a withering of the connection between the body’s sensation and fear centres and the area of the prefrontal cortex that is involved in processing information related to you and people you perceive as being similar to you. This decreases your tendency to think that something is wrong and that you are problem. As a result, anxiety levels tend to go down.

Second, meditation helps form a stronger link between your sensory centres and the area of the prefrontal cortex that allows you to “look at things from a more rational, logical and balanced perspective,” according to Gladding.

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Third, the brain also forms a stronger bond between your bodily sensations and the part of the prefrontal cortex that processes information about people who you see as different from you, which boosts your ability for empathy and for evaluating situations from someone else’s perspective.

Allow your brain to wander and you’ll be rewarded with greater problem-solving abilities, better ideas, and, potentially, important breakthroughs, said Kang.

Meditation also turns on “your moral compass,” which improves your people skills, another key professional asset.

That’s why sitting by the pool fully engrossed in a new novel will yield much higher returns in terms of future mental prowess when you return to your job than if you were checking your phone every few pages, she added.

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How to maximize the benefits of vacation on your brain

So what does the perfect vacation look like from your brain’s point of view?

As Kang put it, it should be a mix of “relaxed wakefulness” – that state of meditative bliss that generally requires being unplugged – and “play,” which occurs when the brain is engaged in some fun, new activity.

Here’s how to do it:

Really unplug

Relaxed wakefulness is that state of meditative bliss that generally requires being unplugged.

Keeping your phone in a drawer in your hotel is not enough, said Kang. It should be shut off. Better yet, left at home.

If you really can’t forget about your office email for the duration of your vacation, set aside a certain time of day to take care of business. Do not allow yourself to check your mobile devices outside those hours.

While you’re away, you should forget about your life on social media, too, said Kang.

Studies have shown that heavy users of social media have a higher risk of depression, she noted.

“The last thing you want to do is log onto Facebook and feel bad because someone has uploaded pictures of their vacation that looks better than yours.”

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Get your brain to do something new

A brain on vacation needs time to meditate but will also benefit from novelty. That’s a great way of getting rid of the kind of tunnel vision that a tired mind can develop after a year of going through work tasks and family routine, even if your job isn’t that repetitive.

Your mind needs variety to recalibrate and dig new neuropathways that will freshen and broaden your perspective.

“Your brain responds to novelty, it’s one of the ingredients of neuroplasticity,” said Kang.

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This may mean something as simple as picking up a book when all you’ve had time for during the year were newspaper articles and work-related reports. Or it could be trying a new activity, such as water skying or diving.

Visiting a new part of the world also offers a number of new stimuli, although you should be careful about not packing your schedule too full and making sure that figuring out the basics of how to get around doesn’t become, in an of itself, an exhausting task, said Kang.

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Sleep, eat and drink

Your brain will also be grateful if you take care of your body, said Kang.

“Sleep a lot and take plenty of naps, if you need to.”

Also, maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated.

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Plan for it

Making the most of your vacation requires some careful planning.

“Write a really clear out of office email, with the contact information of colleagues people can turn to when you’re away, as well as the phone number of your hotel,” said Kang.

Others are very unlikely to go to the trouble of actually ringing up your hotel, unless it is a true emergency, she noted. This affords you the peace of mind of knowing that you can be reached in case of need and that everything else you’re missing out on wasn’t all that important.

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If you’re worried about the workload that will hit you when your return, try to work ahead as much as possible to ensure a soft landing back at the office.

Finally, when planning your vacation, make sure to balance activities with “time for doing nothing,” said Kang.

And now that you’ve read this, turn off your phone and go put your feet up.