About The Owner

Hi, my name is Rebecca – Thanks for checking out the Sapphire Sands Vacation Suite! I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay area. I never thought I’d leave California but after vacationing in the Florence / Yachats region I knew I was destined to spend the rest of my life here on the South-Central Oregon coast (I literally fell in love with the place). So I packed up the horses and the dogs and here I am today!

Horseback Riding and Immersion Experiences: You can ride the wonderful horses available at C&M Stables in Florence, OR, and / or have an Immersion Experience with my own horses. Ask me for details if interested.

My Style As A Host:  I’ll do all I can to be there for you if and when you need me (I live right across the courtyard from the guest suite); the rest of the time I will do all I can to remain at a distance and protect your privacy. I do have two well behaved medium / large sized dogs that are kept separate from guests (the horses are stabled nearby). You are invited to make full use of the grounds: This includes a sheltered fire-pit area; a patio area close to the suite with an outdoor grill; a hot tub / courtyard area right outside the suite’s private entrance; and a greenhouse / sun-room that has chairs and throw blankets to cozy up in while you relax and perhaps drink tea and read a book.

What I Do For A Living: I’m an Educator, Author, Life Coach, licensed Therapist, Consultant, and Counselor with my own private practice.

My Life Motto: Solitude Is The Furnace of Transformation…